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Paradox Of You: Yiannis Ampatziadis

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The "paradox of you" originated as a pure pop project with the purpose to demonstrate the separation of the body from the head. The detachment of the main body from the mind created an image of a fragmented whole. The constant change of both creates the paradox of you being you but not you at the same time, creating a universal collage. In a world where one doesn't identify with one's picture, the paradox project created a mixture of multiple identities and personas. Perhaps in a way, this separation leads to the freedom of the mind that is no longer influenced by the corpus. Inspired by pop culture, the final product is the manipulation and visual removal of the subject from its known context, thus the mind from the body. Does this conclude to confusion or to a new identification?

Art Direction & photo-shooting: Yiannis Ampatziadis Creative Direction & Curation: Ioannis Argyris

instagram: yiannisampatziadis & ioannis.argyris facebook: Yiannis Ampatziadis Photography & Ioannis Argyris

The models featured in this series are: tangerine: Dimitris Psarakos blue: Billy Milionis red (collage with blue) : Leonidas olive: Panos Laganas yellow: Kostia Von Kounellmski purple: Γιάννης Κουρ light blue: Christos Tzovaras red (pink flower): Uğur Osmanoğlu petrol: Giannis Kastrisianakis gold: Konstantinos Giannakopoulos See more here.

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